For many individuals, tax preparation and filing may seem like an overwhelming task. With the numerous changes to the Federal and State tax laws taking place every year, together with life and financial changing events, one’s tax situation may be completely different from one year to another. The overwhelming feeling is common for a large majority of the population. Furthermore, overlooking deductions and credits that you are entitled to can cost you money and on the other hand the accidental omission of income or other misrepresentation of the tax code, even if unintentional, can cost you even more.

This is where our tax preparation consulting professionals comes in to take care of this burden for you in a prompt and professional manner… We work hard to stay on top of new tax rules and changes by attending seminars and tax courses and individual research in most areas of taxation. It is our internal policy to go beyond the yearly minimum continuing educational requirements set by the IRS so you can relax and know you are in good hands!

Some T?x Terms you should be familiar with

  • Withholding: This term usually refers to what employers take out of employee paychecks to cover income taxes, state taxes and other obligations. You may also see parts of your pension, bonus or comissions withheld to help pay taxes.
  • Tax subsidies: A subsidy is financial assistance paid by the government to help reduce your tax burden.
  • Tax credit: Tax credits reduce your taxable income – and the amount you owe to the federal or state government.
  • Claiming a dependent: Claiming a dependent can help you reduce your taxable income. This person is typically a qualifying child, member of the household or relative whom you support financially.