• Millions of Americans earn a happy living by operating a sole proprietorship and filing their taxes on schedule “C”. These entities can have many employees but in reality they rarely have more than 4 employees. In the effort to provide quality goods or services the self-employed owner-manager has to dedicate a lot of time and resources. In order to run the business smoothly he or she has to develop expertise in many different fields besides their specialty. One of these aspects is the tax filing requirement. Interestingly enough this is the part sole proprietors look forward to the
    least. This is where we, the tax professionals at Kay Endow & Associates come in and handle the preparation of your schedule C as a part of the 1040. We are also here to answer your questions year-round and we specifically encourage year-end meetings to discuss and implement any adjustments for the tax year. Our motto is “let us handle and worry about your tax filings so you can have peace of mind and focus on running and growing your business”!
  • Another specialty of our company is handling of business tax returns.  Partnerships, LLC, S-Corp, C-corp. We prepare the necessary annual forms 1065, 1120-S, K-1’s to partners, 1120-C and the
    corresponding state forms. We are readily available throughout the whole year to answer any questions that may arise.